Ron Latschaw and Gary Odenbaugh have over 60 years combined hunting and guiding experience.  They are certainly no strangers to waterfowl hunting and innovative product ideas.

After over 3 ½ years of research and development Ron and Gary are proud and excited to release the “NEW” Clone® Decoys, arguably the most realistic flying decoys on the market today.

Ron and Gary want to thank all of you for your interest and support.  They look forward to sharing your future hunts with photos while using the Clone® and wish you the very best hunting ever!

Gary Odenbaugh is an avid hunter and outdoorsman who grew up among the abundant and diverse wildlife species of Colorado. He began hunting at a very young age and hasn’t stopped since. Gary is an accomplished big game, waterfowl and turkey hunting guide and helps both individuals and groups experience the hunts of their dreams.

Gary has been fortunate to travel the U.S. and Canada thanks to his passion for hunting. He has been behind the camera during many hunts, shooting incredible footage as a videographer for various hunting and outdoor programs. This was how Ron and Gary met, and they have been hunting together ever since! Gary can also be seen on the other side of the lens, being filmed for popular hunting shows while doing what he does best—hunting turkeys, waterfowl and big game. His experience as a guide, hunter and all-around outdoorsman, as well as a gifted sculptor of the Clone®, has culminated into the partnership with Ron and Clone® Decoys.

Ron Latschaw is an inventor and founder of Final Approach. He has been addicted to waterfowl from childhood. Ron’s name in the waterfowl hunting world is synonymous with quality and innovation. After designing and manufacturing the first layout blinds, Ron continues to bring new ideas and concepts to the waterfowl and hunting industry.

He guided waterfowl for over 26 years as well as saltwater and freshwater fishing salmon in Alaska. When Ron was owner and president of Final Approach, he had an outdoor TV show and has also been seen on many other outdoor programs over the years.

His first innovation in motion decoys was the Feather Flyers™. These decoys were designed to aid hunters in adding more realism to their decoy spread.

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